Turning it up to Eleven

Sometimes, ten just isn’t enough. Sometimes, you need to turn it up to eleven. My home D&D campaign has two different groups of players making up two separate adventuring parties. I try my best to be awesome to both of them, but the reality is that my Tuesday night crew gets the short end of [...]

Into the Sandbox - Casting Plot Hooks

Quietly redundant plot hooks can push your players in the right direction. I think it is great that we try to engage our players in the stories we craft through a tool called “plot hooks”. Plot hooks make me think of fishing, and the analogy could not be more apt. Have you ever gone fishing? [...]

In Favor of the Shorter Adventure

Shorter adventures break up the campaign story into chunks that are easy for the Dungeon Master to run and easy for the players to understand. My first experience with Dungeons and Dragons 4e was as a player in┬áDemon Queen’s Enclave. One of my buddies had picked up the adventure, and he wanted to give a [...]

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