Winter is Coming - Terrain Powers in a Guest Post

The Winter is Coming blog festival is in full force, organized Jim (Wombat) White. You should really check it out. Many skilled writers and game designers have contributed all sorts of winter-themed content. This is a great opportunity to introduce your players to the harsh realities of a frozen adventure. Instead of writing my usual [...]

Terrain Powers - Errol Flynn

The high-flying, daring antics of swashbucklers can make for an exciting combat. The sword fights of Errol Flynn and the other actors from the era of swashbuckling movies are still exciting to watch. ┬áThe combat is not at all static, and the rapid pace is a great approximation of what combat might “really” look like [...]

Terrain Powers - Light Sources

Sources of light are nearly always present, and they make for great terrain powers. Whether your character is a member of an angry mob, a swashbuckling  musketeer, or an evil priest, the odds are pretty good that you have some sort of light source nearby.  In movies, the hero will brandish a torch to hold back frightening [...]

Terrain Powers - The Tavern

Terrain powers are a great way to change the flow of combat for your players. The Dungeon Master’s Guide 2 introduced terrain powers as a way to spice up combat in 4e. Magical crystals that spew gouts of flame and poisonous fungal sacs you can lob at your enemies have their place in epic fantasy, [...]

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